Every Champion Was Once a Contender Who REFUSED to GIVE UP!

Lately I’ve seen a lot of negativity towards our Milwaukee baseball team, the Brewers.  Yes, they had a 9 game losing streak.  Yes, they went 1-10 in the last 11 games.  All I can say is I’m glad I’m in Wisconsin and have all this cheese to go with the bandwagoneers’ whine.  Yes, it is frustrating.  



However, as a TRUE SUPERFAN, I will NOT lose faith!  Those who are with me WILL STAND STRONG!  The last thing our boys in blue need is for a bunch of mamby pamby “ffans”  (fake-fans) telling them they suck, are terrible, need to do better etc.  FYI:  THEY KNOW THAT!!!  They take losing a hell of a lot more personally than we do.  What they NEED is for some TRUE FANS to support them!  I saw it at the most recent game I attended – Mikey Fiers was throwin Fierballs, the bats were crack-a-lackin, and K-rod shut the door on the redbirds on Friday.  Mike left the game to a standing O, and I hope it made him tingle like a girl on prom night!  (He won’t ever read this so I can get away with saying that!)

I ask fellow Superfans to come forward, be vocal, and HOLD!  


Yes, that’s right, Mel Gibson wore Brewers colors in Braveheart, and inspired a bunch of rabble-rowsers to rise up to glory.  Similar to exactly what we have going in Milwaukee!  Giving up on them is NOT an option!  Stay the course, stand strong, and in the end we will be victorious!  Marlins this week, followed up by Reds and my guy Manny Parra.  Let’s win each of the series boys!

We All Want What We Ain’t Got

Hello Readers!

It’s about time I’ve dusted off the ol’ blog to exercise my passion for writing.  I won’t bore you with what has happened most of this year; we all know the Brewers are in first, that September is upon us, and the race for the Post-Season is gonna heat on up.  There has been ups and downs, and it has been a fun ride.  This post instead is going to be about…. me.

The title “We all want what we ain’t got” is from a song I heard tonight on the radio by an artist of the name Jake Owens.  It is an old idea that we are never satisfied, that we always need more and more no matter what.  Now, I have a bucket list, but most of the things on there are EXPERIENCES rather than STUFF.  That’s all good and well, but also, keep in mind the people around you, the experiences you’ve already had, and be just a little satisfied once in a while. 

July for me was a very focused month; I’ve began a life transformation that really flipped all I knew on its head.  The one person who really made that happen was Chris Powell (www.chrispowell.com)  I am following HIS plan, as outlined in his book.  I’ve talked to him personally via social media, and he believes in me.  I used Facebook for accountability– people still try to give me advice, but I have a plan and stick to it.  Thanks but no thanks, this is my path, and I am the one following it.  July ended with a very trying tribulation- a trip to Cleveland.  Ballpark food, grilled cheese restaurants (Melt in Cleveland) and long roadtrips in the car– yeah, I “maintained”: but I’ll admit, it derailed me.

August – Refocusing month- I have to admit something to my readers.  I absolutely HATE grocery shopping.  I HATE it!  I went tonight, and to show why I hate it, I went just to get some stuff for this week; veggies, bananas, chicken and beef.  I got all of it, but stopped 5 or 6 times looking at donuts on sale. looking at ice cream.  looking at halloween candy.  I got out with a pack of oreos and a pint of rainbow sherbet.  The oreos now reside in my garbage can, soon to be in the dumpster because I wasn’t strong enough at the store.  HATE it.  

This year, I haven’t gone to many Brewers games (15-20, not the usual 50-60).  Why?  Brats.  AJ Bombers. Mini Corn Dogs at Brewskis.  Oh, and Cheese Curds.  Beer.  No beer?  Soda.  Last week SUCKED for me!  I went to 3 ballgames.  FOODWISE, it sucked.  People-wise, very very rewarding!  

Bottom line, I’m trying to stay focused on EXPERIENCES that satisfy me.  My friend Bryan Mapes from the MLB Fan Cave experience was in town training for his new job; the social media voice of Xfinity Sports!  He won the contest and now has a solid year of tweeting/facebooking/instagramming/vining sports stuff.  Also, he got to meet one of my favorite people in the world, Caitlin Moyer who is neck deep in all of the social media aspects of Miller Park and the Milwaukee Brewers.  You might remember her from such events as setting up me throwing out the first pitch, or more recently, supporting our charity tailgate in July by putting our picture out on all the social media channels via the Brewers.  AND to top off that game, my uncle was down here to see it in person!  He’s a workaholic, and when work sends you to the game, you go!  He said he loved it, and bought me a delicious Lakefront beer.  Overall, a day of great experiences.  

The goal:  To balance great experiences and healthy living.  

This is what I’m working towards; healthy living and maximizing great experiences.  Meeting great people.  Enjoying the here and now, and looking forward to the future.  

That’s it for now; time to unpack groceries and prep for tomorrow.  Back to “the plan” – sorry I got derailed Chris Powell.  I’m focused and ready.

-For Love of the game

Superfan Pete

BUCKET LIST ITEM #1 – See all MLB ballparks – status: 9 down, 21 to go


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