Thank You Brewers for 2014 Season to Remember

As the season comes to an end, there’s a lot of emotions and feelings that get tangled inside of the quintessential Superfan.  First and foremost, what could have been.  I won’t go on beating the dead horse, but the one lesson to take from this season is that it isn’t how you start, it’s how you finish.  Enough said.

This season was a roller coaster!  Some of the ups would be Jonathan Lucroy’s performance at the plate!  Little known fact, he is actually my fR2D2ather as we established while talking to this Droid.  Ok, so this is an older pic, but this year didn’t provide too many opportunities for photos with Luc.  No worries though, still ran into him enough times- Wanted to thank him for signing a few extra autographs at the MECA event and making me the last one before he had to leave for another engagement.  Thanks Luc!  Also, it is my pleasure to announce that Lucroy was the second ever recipient of the Superfan Choice Award- as voted upon by the official Milwaukee Superfans- due to the fact that he plays hard, gives it his all, stayed healthy all year and is a great role model away from the park too.  Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to get a pic of him with his award, but here is what it looks like:


Jonathan joins a very short list of Superfan Choice recipients, of which the only other is Brandon Kintzler from 2013.

This season had a new low as well.  I won’t go into details, but we almost lost one of the Superfans due to a high fall into the visitor’s bullpen a few weeks ago.  It was traumatizing, not only for myself who witnessed it, but for those who were around it as well.  I’d like to thank those who showed concern, especially Manny Parra and the Reds organization, Brandon and Melissa Kintzler, Rob Wooten, @BrewerNation, Rick Schlesinger, as well as the entire Brewers Organization.  Their quick response to the emergency really showed how professional and prepared they are.  8 screws, 1 plate, 20 skull fractures later, and the Milwaukee Superfans are whole again!  The nurses were great too, as all naughty nurses are.  :)

Our road trips this year weren’t all that that bad either; Wrigley was wet but wonderful, but the best one I think would have to be Cleveland!  Getting to see Miss Alex Justice was great for sure- also we went while the Mariners were in town, and were damn glad to meet up with our cleveold hero, Corey Hart!  Seeing him play again was great, and spending a night out grabbing food with him was even better.  Surprising Johnny Axford in the bullpen was awesome, and getting tickets to the last game was way cool!  Thanks again for that Mr. Axford, I hope you enjoy your postseason run with the Pirates- I’ll be cheering for you that’s for sure.  Someday we shall meet up again, and Close my favorite bar down here in Milwaukee!

Saying goodbye to my friends, my heroes, my Milwaukee Brewers is a hard thing.  I tip my cap to my friend Rob Wooten; you ended where you belong, on that mound at Miller Park.  Tip to Brandon Kintzler, and his wife Melissa- two of the most positive people I know!  Always involved in giving back to the community, you both are living role models- and the big white boxer Bo, all of you rock.  Mikey Fiers and his Fier balls– you found your stride brother!  Keep it going!  And to #LightsOut Lohse, OOOverbay, Go-Go and all the rest, thank you!  Lets get fired up in 2015 and go even further!

Last, but most certainly not least, I have to thank the lady who makes magic happen- the Great Caitlin Moyer!  whether it be with a Social Media event guest starring Carlos Gomez, or visiting our Midsummer’s Eve Charity Tailgate in July and plastering our photo on all the social media outlets, or even just hanging out in the Toyota Territory and meeting one of the 2013 #FanCave30, Mr. Bryan Mapes… she’s done it all!  Her passion and drive are second to only her passion for the Brewers- and Caitlin, I’m proud to call you my friend!  Can’t wait to grab some Bloody’s with you on a Sunday from PJ at Wolski’s!  I owe you big time!  One more event left in 2014 for this season:  Clubhouse sale in December!  Then it is on to 2015, Brewer’s On Deck, Spring Training, and a clean slate to try to bring the playoff magic back to Milwaukee!

For Love of the Game,

Superfan Pete


Caitlin Moyer and Superfan Pete 

Every Champion Was Once a Contender Who REFUSED to GIVE UP!

Lately I’ve seen a lot of negativity towards our Milwaukee baseball team, the Brewers.  Yes, they had a 9 game losing streak.  Yes, they went 1-10 in the last 11 games.  All I can say is I’m glad I’m in Wisconsin and have all this cheese to go with the bandwagoneers’ whine.  Yes, it is frustrating.  



However, as a TRUE SUPERFAN, I will NOT lose faith!  Those who are with me WILL STAND STRONG!  The last thing our boys in blue need is for a bunch of mamby pamby “ffans”  (fake-fans) telling them they suck, are terrible, need to do better etc.  FYI:  THEY KNOW THAT!!!  They take losing a hell of a lot more personally than we do.  What they NEED is for some TRUE FANS to support them!  I saw it at the most recent game I attended – Mikey Fiers was throwin Fierballs, the bats were crack-a-lackin, and K-rod shut the door on the redbirds on Friday.  Mike left the game to a standing O, and I hope it made him tingle like a girl on prom night!  (He won’t ever read this so I can get away with saying that!)

I ask fellow Superfans to come forward, be vocal, and HOLD!  


Yes, that’s right, Mel Gibson wore Brewers colors in Braveheart, and inspired a bunch of rabble-rowsers to rise up to glory.  Similar to exactly what we have going in Milwaukee!  Giving up on them is NOT an option!  Stay the course, stand strong, and in the end we will be victorious!  Marlins this week, followed up by Reds and my guy Manny Parra.  Let’s win each of the series boys!


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