A Legend Passes

Another baseball Great has passed into the ultimate Heavenly Hall of Fame.  I write this moments after learning that Ernie Banks passed away tonight in Chicago.

Painting by Graig Kreindler

Painting by Graig Kreindler

Although I am an avid Brewers Superfan, I surely do appreciate the game, and the people who make it magical.  “Mr Cub” played 19 seasons for the Chicago Cubs, from 1953 until 1971.  His entire career spent in Chicago, he was an extraordinary shortstop and first baseman, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1977.  Also to note, he was elected to the All Century team in 1999, and more recently received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his contribution to sports.  You will be missed Mr. Cub!

Stay tuned for more updates.  This weekend (Sunday) will be Brewers On Deck, of which I hope to bring you tales of some of my childhood greats like Rob Deer, and Craig Counsell, as well as some great pics of our current players as we get the Superfan 2015 season started in style.  I can almost smell the green grass and feel the sun beating down on me…. Baseball cannot come soon enough!

The Long Winter Stretch

Here we are in the middle of the long winter stretch between seasons… This is the time of year I usually go stir crazy, gobbling up any and all of the little tidbits of info on trades, deadlines, arbitration and whatnot.  The Superfan season always officially ends the first week in December with the annual Clubhouse Sale.  This year, I picked up a lot of Christmas gifts, including a game-used Wooten jersey for my dad.  It was a good time, lots of game-used stuff, some signage, and a lot of clothes that were really marked down made for some great finds.

After that, I got hit pretty hard.  It started with my computer- it decided to die.  I lost a ton of pics from this last year that I hadn’t gotten around to backing up, as well as more than a few Photoshop projects that I had dabbled with on my free time.  From there, the old Dakota decided it was time to kick me in the pocketbook.  Between Midas (simple muffler/tail pipe install) and my awesome mechanic Rick Shepherd up in Fredonia at Parkside Auto (fan clutch, ball joint that Midas missed, nail in tire, etc etc) more than a paycheck was up in smoke.  And I’m talking a regular paycheck- not the small half as big as they used to be paycheck that I’ve been getting due to extremely slow sales at work.  (If anyone needs a mattress or furniture, contact me!)

Those things are annoying but I can deal with them.  However, the day before Christmas Eve, my grandmother passed away.  I won’t say it was totally unexpected; she had her ups and downs all throughout December, but it still was a great loss.  It got to the point where I kept asking What Else Can Go Wrong!  I got my answer to that last week.

After going to the doctor, I found out I have a really bad hernia.  I have to have surgery (Next Monday meeting with surgeon) and it really answers the “What Else” question.  So that was the low of the low.  After being so far down, I decided to get back to following Chris Powell’s diet plan (Carb Cycling), and even with a bad hernia, I lost 22lbs last week.  Trust me, there’s a lot more to go, but it was a great start.

Now, this coming Sunday, we have the official beginning of the Superfan 2015 baseball season with Brewers On Deck.  I debated whether or not to attend since I can’t walk (or even sit well), and it is the day before I see the surgeon.  I’d love to see some of the guys I know; Wooten, Kintzler, Henderson, Caitlin Moyer (not a guy, but an awesome woman!), but it may be painful to do so.  And then, the roster came out.  Brewers Alumni.  Craig Counsell and Rob Deer are BOTH attending!

I don’t care if I’m on crutches, I’ll be there!  Craig Counsell, one of my favorite guys of the last decade, and Rob Deer, hero of Easter Sunday ’87, my childhood hero, both in the same buiding?!?!   You can bet your cleats I’ll be there to say hi and maybe get an autograph or two!  I may be sitting at one of the tables for hours on end, but I’ll find those two and hobble through the pain to gain a great memory, a once in a lifetime memory.

Readers, I’ll leave you with this thought- Regardless of what events impact your life, it is up to YOU to choose how to react- whether positive or negative- to these events.  Events happen no matter what.  Why not take them head on, embrace them, and make the most of it?  That’s what I’m doing.  That’s call the Superfan way.  See you at Brewers On Deck Sunday!


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