It’s Here! It’s Here!

Brewers Baseball 2015 – Pitchers and Catchers officially report today!

This is the kick off to another hopeful season, full of young players, a few seasoned veterans, men with something to prove, and some with their first shot at greatness.  I say it almost every year, but this year I mean it:

This is going to be the year of the Brew Crew!

Stay healthy boys, get the kinks worked out in camp, and Superfan Pete will see you back at Miller Park on Opening Day!

A Legend Passes

Another baseball Great has passed into the ultimate Heavenly Hall of Fame.  I write this moments after learning that Ernie Banks passed away tonight in Chicago.

Painting by Graig Kreindler

Painting by Graig Kreindler

Although I am an avid Brewers Superfan, I surely do appreciate the game, and the people who make it magical.  “Mr Cub” played 19 seasons for the Chicago Cubs, from 1953 until 1971.  His entire career spent in Chicago, he was an extraordinary shortstop and first baseman, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1977.  Also to note, he was elected to the All Century team in 1999, and more recently received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his contribution to sports.  You will be missed Mr. Cub!

Stay tuned for more updates.  This weekend (Sunday) will be Brewers On Deck, of which I hope to bring you tales of some of my childhood greats like Rob Deer, and Craig Counsell, as well as some great pics of our current players as we get the Superfan 2015 season started in style.  I can almost smell the green grass and feel the sun beating down on me…. Baseball cannot come soon enough!


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