Good Luck Mikey Fiers and Carlos “GoGo” Gomez

Baseball is a business.  This is the underlying thought that one must remember when it comes to anything and everything MLB does.  So they say…

The past few years, I must say that my team, the Milwaukee Brewers, has come to feel more like a family or a group of friends instead of just a job that some people work hard and are blessed to perform.

Swinging Out of Your Helmet

Swinging Out of Your Helmet

Whether it was GoGo swinging so hard that he comes out of his shoes, helmet, and darn near his pants, or if it was us yelling “Fierballs” every time Mikey threw a strike- it was fun (and frustrating sometimes) to watch!

One such memory this year sticks out when a few of us were behind the visitor’s dugout, and the Washington Nationals were in town.  We had our “rally gloves” on, ready to go, and Fiers was on the mound.  It was in later innings, and Bryce Harper was at the plate.  He already had a homerun under his belt, but Fiers came at him with his “Fierballs” nonetheless.

The look on Harper’s face when he struck out swinging was priceless!  And of course, as he walked back to the dugout, I stood up and yelled, “Hey Hawpa (in my best Bostonian heckler accent)!  That’s spelled F-I-E-R-S and don’t you forget it, son!”

Needless to say Bryce Hawpa wasn’t too pleased.

They make a difference

They make a difference

All in all, I never thought some of these great Brewers would cease to be with Milwaukee.  Sure, it’s always a possibility that any of “your guys” can get traded or even released, but it still feels like one of your best friends is moving away.  Having gone through this before with previous “guys” (Mitch Stetter, Corey Hart, LaTroy Hawkins, Johnny Axford, Todd Coffey, Manny Parra, Joe Inglett, Mike McClendon, Brad Nelson, Mark Rogers to name a few) you know you’ll bounce back and support them no matter what city is written across their chest.

Mikey throwing #FIERBALLS

Mikey throwing #FIERBALLS

The words of LaTroy Hawkins come to mind when I think of this- when he left Milwaukee I told him how much it sucks to feel like you’re losing a piece of the baseball puzzle, and he said that’s why we’re friends, and friendships transcend teams, cities, and distances.  It’s true.  Thanks to social media, I will be able to follow these two former warriors of Miller Park on their journey to greatness… whether it be in Houston or anywhere else.

As long as it isn’t the Cubs.

Good luck Carlos, swing for the fences!  Good luck Mikey, keep throwing those FierBalls.

Tebowing with Fiers

It’s Here! It’s Here!

Brewers Baseball 2015 – Pitchers and Catchers officially report today!

This is the kick off to another hopeful season, full of young players, a few seasoned veterans, men with something to prove, and some with their first shot at greatness.  I say it almost every year, but this year I mean it:

This is going to be the year of the Brew Crew!

Stay healthy boys, get the kinks worked out in camp, and Superfan Pete will see you back at Miller Park on Opening Day!


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