Player Interview #1: Brandon Kintzler

I am proud to reveal that the first ever player interview for the Superfan blogs is none other than #61, Brandon Kintzler!  The Superfans were very fortunate to meet up with Brandon in Spring Training, and can’t wait to see him back in Milwaukee sooner than later.  Stay focused my friend, and thank you again for the interview!  -SFPete

SuperfanPete (SFP): So here you are, a relief pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers.  How did you get here?  What road led to this point in time, and what obstacles have you overcome to achieve such a lofty goal?

Brandon Kintzler (BK): “How did I get here?  Man, that road started back when I was released by the Padres in ’06; I was having shoulder problems for 3 years and they finally became impatient.  [The Padres]  had to pay for my shoulder surgery though, so I had my shoulder cleaned out, and luckily there were no tears.  I signed with the Winnipeg Goldeyes of the Northern league independent league and played there for 2 years.  I even sold season tickets for the team in the winter of ’08 because I wanted to stay with my girlfriend that I met there.  I wasn’t getting noticed by scouts so I asked for a trade to the Saint Paul Saints.  I was having a great year there and started the American Association All Star Game.  I threw great with my velocity at 93-94mph, and I got a call the next day from the Brewers and they wanted to send me to AA in July of ’09; keep in mind that I had never pitched above Low A since 2005.  I was pretty excited.  In 2010, I was happy just to make the AA bullpen and after one game they put me as the closer and I took off from there.  I was called up [to the majors on] September 6, 2010. Now here we are injured again faced with the challenge of getting back, but I like my odds.

SFP: At what point in your life did you say “I want to be a baseball player”?

BK: You know, growing up we all tell ourselves that we want to play in the big leagues, but it’s never realistic.  Even through high school, I was good but I never put in the extra work to be “that guy” everyone came to see.  Freshman year of college I went to a little school called Pasadena City College in Southern California.  I was throwing around 92mph in the fall and started getting noticed by scouts.  It started to hit me that if I put my mind to it and work hard, I might actually have a chance.  So the fall of 2003 I would say I want to be a big leaguer.

SFP: If you had a time machine, and could go back to any point in history to meet any person, who would it be and why?

BK: Thats a tough question!  I would say God, so I could ask him what the hell his plan is for me in life, haha!

SFP: What was your first big/fun purchase to reward yourself for you achievements?

BK: I hold on to every penny I make because I have come from basically nothing.  I hardly ever splurge, but I would say my house [I purchased] in February of 2012.  I have yet to have lived in it though because I didn’t get it until after I left for Spring Training.

SFP: What is your favorite movie and actor/actress?

BK: Man, I see every movie possible because I have so much down time, so its hard to have a “favorite.”  I was a big fan of 300 though; I really think that movie gave me pure motivation when I was going through the worst year of my life in 2006.

SFP: If you didn’t play baseball, what career path do you see yourself in?

BK: I would have either taken BMX or golf. I started racing BMX when I was 2 (yes, the youngest ever).  I had it all; free airlines, bikes, and shoes.  I was ranked number 1 for my age at 6, and second in the world at [age] 8.  Golf always came really naturally to me.  Unfortunately, it was in the same season as baseball in high school so it became a hobby.  I haven’t played much though in the last few years.

SFP: What sets you apart from every other player in your position/ What do you do different that other guys can’t do?

BK: Well we are all different from each other, [and] thats why we get paid different.  Since I have had to take a longer road than others, I appreciate every opportunity more.  I think the ability to throw 96mph if I need to sets me apart from some, but basically I’ve happen to have some success is what it all boils down to.

SFP: What do you like to do for fun outside of the ballpark?

BK: During the season I don’t do much.  Going to dinner and movie is fun for me;, I know sounds lame.  In the off-season I like to ride mountain bikes, play some poker and hangout with friends and family.  I’m a very chill person.

SFP: What is your favorite band/musician/artist?

BK: All depends on what mood I’m in.  Some Eminem always gets me going.  I was on a Shinedown trip for a while.  Ya know, it really depends on what mood I’m in and if the song is sending the kind of message I feel like hearing.

SFP: “Wild Bill Wild Card” Question: Do you get a discount when you go to Burger King?

BK: I should, once I become famous some day and people call me BK!  I think we should try to work something out with them. Maybe, free Burger King for all my “Superfans.”

Thank you again to Brandon Kintzler for being the first interview featured on the Superfan Blog!  We wish you luck, and knowing how hard you work, we should be seeing you soon!

October 2010 - Prior to Last Game of 2010 Season
Posing for a picture with two of my favorite relief pitchers: Mike "Muskman" McClendon and Brandon "BK" Kintzler.

Author: Superfan Pete

I am a life-long superfan of the Milwaukee Brewers, but don't hold that against me! I love baseball, every team, every crack of the bat, every close play, and especially the rivalries. I am 30 years old living in Brown Deer, WI (about 10 minutes north of Milwaukee). Currently I work in retail but hopefully soon I will be working for MLB, preferably in the MLB Fan Cave in New York City. My purpose in starting this blog is to highlight the Milwaukee Superfans as well as their antics, ramblings, and achievements. If I've missed anything, please feel free to send me a email and ask away! Go Brewers!

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