Opening Day Group Photo

Opening Day Group Photo

We waited all winter… and the time finally arrived! Opening Day at Miller Park! It was a balmy 35 degrees, partly cloudy, and mostly drunk. Well, for most of the attendees that is. New features this year: Venison bites wrapped in bacon, giant jenga, and bacon-flavored vodka bloody mary’s. Old favorites included Hammershlagen, an updated bullpen shot WITH correct spelling, and of course, plenty of various meats and cheeses. This year was a little light in attendance since the Schatz Clan bowed out gracefully due to a recent wedding event. No matter, we expect them back in full force! Thank you all who attended and contributed, without you guys and gals, this crazy day of shenanigans wouldn’t be possible.

I’d like to give a special shout out to Silvester, who has since left the land of cheese and sausage and relocated to Arizona. You will be missed, a lot.

As for inside the stadium, that’s another story. I spent the first 2 innings in the First Aid room getting bandaged up by two lovely nurses who took good care of Superfan Pete. From there, I went and watched the game in section 111 with my good friend Superfan AC (Arizona Connection, aka Wayne) and had a grand time! Thanks to Chris Narveson for the tickets. No, this doesn”t mean your bushes are now safe from shenanigans Chris. But I digress…

As for a quick update, yes, officially I am throwing out the first pitch on May 5th with Kevin Kimmes, the other Brewers fan from the Top 52 Fan Cave Finalists. I will be using an old glove of Mitch Stetter’s, on loan from Wayne, and I’ll be wearing Manny Parra’s game-used cap, and if all goes as planned, Brandon Kintzler will be my catcher for the event. He has agreed to it, I just have to let the powers that be know, sooner or later. 🙂 Don’t worry, I’ll practice as soon as my finger is healed up (next week) so I can make the Superfan Nation proud! I hope my Fan Cave family is able to view it at least through MLB TV. This is the equivalent of getting called up to the big leagues for a fan. It’s a great way to end this Fan Cave chapter in my life, and begin the next chapter. To think, last year at this time I never thought any of this possible. Just goes to show you that yeah, dreams can come true, no matter how “small” or “trivial” people think they are. Until then fellow Superfans, keep on dreamin!

-Superfan Pete


Author: Superfan Pete

I am a life-long superfan of the Milwaukee Brewers, but don't hold that against me! I love baseball, every team, every crack of the bat, every close play, and especially the rivalries. I am 30 years old living in Brown Deer, WI (about 10 minutes north of Milwaukee). Currently I work in retail but hopefully soon I will be working for MLB, preferably in the MLB Fan Cave in New York City. My purpose in starting this blog is to highlight the Milwaukee Superfans as well as their antics, ramblings, and achievements. If I've missed anything, please feel free to send me a email and ask away! Go Brewers!

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