Pitchers: He’ll Make You Thamous!

His name is Eric Thames, and his bat is hot!  In the last two days, we’ve seen the Brewers slugger hit 3 home runs, which gives him a commanding lead in the Home Run count at 11 so far for this season.  Also to note, MLB has “randomly” drug-tested Thames 3 times since Spring Training, and two of those times in the past week.  However, Thames is in good spirits about it, stating “I have a lot of blood and urine” in a recent interview.


From this Superfan’s viewpoint, if he’s willing, test him every game if it’ll appease the haters and doubters- I believe he’s clean, and as my friend Dynex Dan puts it, he’s a “professional hitter” all the way!

I don’t know how long your hitting streak will last Mr. Thames, but I do want to thank you for putting on a show each and every game that you step out on that field.  Keep hitting the ball hard, and rally the team behind you.  I say it every year, and this one is no different—-

This could be our year!

(yeah, I said it)


And now for a throwback pic- Handy Jay and Silvester creeping in the pic at the top of the big screen.  Ohhhhhh you guuuyyyyssss….



Author: Superfan Pete

I am a life-long superfan of the Milwaukee Brewers, but don't hold that against me! I love baseball, every team, every crack of the bat, every close play, and especially the rivalries. I am 30 years old living in Brown Deer, WI (about 10 minutes north of Milwaukee). Currently I work in retail but hopefully soon I will be working for MLB, preferably in the MLB Fan Cave in New York City. My purpose in starting this blog is to highlight the Milwaukee Superfans as well as their antics, ramblings, and achievements. If I've missed anything, please feel free to send me a email and ask away! Go Brewers!

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