Open Letter to Corey “The Condor” Hart

Dear Condor-

This Friday will become a milestone in Superfan history.  It marks your return to Milwaukee to be immortalized on the Brewers Wall of Honor.  While not all of the Superfans can be there in person, you can be damn certain they all will hear about it and celebrate it accordingly.  Superfan Silvester has already seen your plaque.


I, along with Superfan Handy Jay, will be in attendance Friday from the moment the park opens until the last pitch in the final inning.  We hope to at some point see you there, and watch history in the making.  We also will be going out after the game and as always, we would love it if you would join us.

I want to thank you for all the memories- the countless “How many outs” interactions, numerous practice balls tossed up to us (even in the club level) and the many pictures and autographs that adorn each of our Brewers rooms (yes, we each have a room dedicated to the Brewers).  From the 2008 game where we clinched the playoffs and you hopped on the dugout and we chugged some beers as the fans gave you high fives, to the sad day of when you left Milwaukee and gave us a call out in your farewell newspaper post, all the way to when we reconnected again in Cleveland when you were in town with the Mariners… these and all the memories in between we will cherish.  You were part of what defined us as “Superfans” and for me, you played a large part in why I love baseball as much as I do.

Where this may be the end of the Condor era of Brewers baseball, it warms my heart to see that you will retire as a Milwaukee Brewer.  That is a permanent bookmark in the saga of the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club.  I speak for all the Superfans when I tell you we could not be more proud that you chose to do it this way.

Thank you Corey “The Condor” Hart!

For Love of the Game-



Day 16 – The Generous Condor

On Day 16 I remember another roadtrip- Wrigley Field!   Wrigley was always great for autographs, especially from the visiting team.  Getting there early and posting up near the visiting team’s entrance always paid off.  For a few years, we would grab a table in the outdoor pavilion restaurant next to the entrance, get some good eats and drinks, and have our stuff laid out ready for any willing players to sign.  Every now and then a few pics come to light, but since I was the one taking the pics most of the time, it’s rare to see one of me getting an autograph.


That jersey has every player signature on it from that year including Grienke, K-rod and of course- The Condor.  2 weeks until the Condor is back in Milwaukee!  Go Brewers!

30 Days of Condor: Happy Birthday Corey!

No, not Corey Hart-

Happy birthday Corey Lammers!  It’s rumored he was named after the Condor, but what we know for sure is that he is truly a life-long fan (at 4 years old as of 6/12!)

Thanks for sharing Superfan Shaggy!!!


This is the Condor, Corey and Shaggy taken in Cleveland!

EDIT: Due to some back end website issues, this didn’t post on 6/12, so I am manually posting it today!

The Ballparks of Condor: Target Field

As a Superfan, I have had the luxury to travel and follow the Brewers on various roadtrips.  Every year we attempt to add a new ballpark to our list, and if we get to see our team win, that’s a huge bonus!

Back in the inaugural season of the Minnesota Twins’ Target Field, I was fortunate enough to get to attend the Brewers/Twins game.  The year was 2010, the seats were all sold out, but we were determined.  My buddy Grant lived in Minnesota at this time, and his dad’s company had season tickets 2nd row behind the Twins dugout.  He procured 4 of them, and Dynex Dan and I headed North by Northwest to meet up with Grant and his dad.  It was epic!


Not only did we have bomb-ass seats, but it was also Jonathan Lucroy’s first MLB hit!


Regardless of the score, it was a phenomenal game to witness in that awesome stadium to the North.  The day after, Mitch Stetter left us tickets so we were able to attend a 2nd game even!  Not too shabby for an inaugural season of a new baseball stadium!

Here is a pic of myself, Dynex Dan, and Grant from that road trip standing in front of the Twins’ dugout after the first game.



#1 In Your Programs, #1 In Your Hearts!

Brewers On Deck is the beginning of the Superfan Baseball Season every year.  This means yes, we are all about the Brewers beginning at the end of January every year!  

Many years, we have run into Corey Hart at the various venues that On-Deck is held at, and almost every year he has been more than happy to take a group pic with us.  This year in particular, his security escort blocked us and told us no pictures, but Corey stopped them and informed them that we were his guys and he definitely has time for us to chat and get a pic!


Like I stated in the title, he’s #1 in our hearts- Corey Hart!

30 Days of Condor Continues!

We’re just getting started folks- Today, one of the best road trip memories I have:

 Cincinnati 2010!

Superfan Handy Jay and I drove out for the last Brewers series of 2010- about 7 and half hours, across Illinois, Indiana and Ohio- just to see our guys.  We stayed in the Westin, where the players stayed, and we were hanging out with them every night, and having breakfast with them in the morning.  Of course there’s a time and a place for everything, so we don’t have a ton of pictures, but by the last day the guys were more than willing to pose for a few.  This is one of the Condor and us!


Corey has always taken time to say hi to us.  Oh, and I’m rocking the Jackie Robinson Day game-worn Brad Nelson jersey- because it’s awesome!