2017 Brewers Opening Day

Every April, there’s one day that I look forward to- a day of new beginnings, a day of food, friends and perhaps the best thing- Baseball.  This year that day fell on Monday, April 3rd.  This day marked the beginning of the Brewers 2017 regular season.


For me, I hold this day sacred.  On this day, I use a vacation day from my job.  I wake up at 5am.  I know I’ll be eating and drinking grilled food and Coronas, and I know it may be cold, or possibly warm, maybe raining or even snowing.  I accept this 100%

The best part of this day however, is the people.  The friends- the fans- the players- the employees- all of these people are intricate parts in the building of cherished memories.


This is the group of people that arrived at 7:30am to participate in the festivities.  We have people from all walks of life, all ages, some traveled hours, some even flew in from other states- all for the singular purpose of coming together in celebration.

Thank you everyone for your commitment to this great day!  Especially Lori with getting everyone to sign up to bring food and supplies, and Josh and Val for not just keeping most of our supplies year round in their garage, but also for your beautiful creativity in coming up with new additions like Opening Day Bitch Bingo!


In the end, it all came together- people all showed up when they should’ve (Paul was even the first one there this year) and we all drove in and staked our claim.

Next year, we hope to see even more of our friends show up as they slowly come to the realization that the one constant throughout the years is baseball… and this day every year is when it begins.  Make it a priority to be there, and I can guarantee you some great memories you’ll treasure forever.  Go Brewers!



We Survived Opening Day!!!

In typical Wisconsin fashion, the weather made it known that just because you have a few days of temps in the 70’s, and the snow is all gone, and the robins and geese are flying around everywhere, doesn’t mean that Old Man Winter isn’t going to try to waffle-stomp on your parade!  Yes, it snowed, yes it was windy, and yes, we had to break out our cold weather gear, but it was well worth it!  

2016 Group Pic

Some people question why we leave at 7:45AM to go “wait in line” in the parking lot- well, that’s where the party begins!  You turn off your trucks, grab some beers, and run up and down the line of vehicles “pre-drinking” before you actually get into the lot.  We time it right so we get the front row every year.  The big open area that you see us in our group pic is the handicap overflow, which never fills up totally so there’s room for fun and games (and group pics) at least for a few hours.

A huge shout-out to Rudi, the giant face in the crowd that couldn’t make it out to the park due to being diagnosed days before with cancer.  Alex took pretty damn good care of you Rudy, and I think you did more shots on the bullpen shotski than most of the folks here!

Please take a minute to read about Rudi’s ongoing battle on his GoFundMe page and give a few bucks to a firefighter who really could use a break.  #FuckCancer

One thing that was pretty damn cool this year, we had Scott “Handy Jay” Mack, Josh, Wild Bill, Pauly and myself out together again for the first time since who knows when.  Thanks to Josh for all he did to make Opening Day special- from bring the giant Jenga, grills, jugs of apple pie liquor and a tent to actually cooking all the food.  Really appreciate that level of Superfan dedication.

And on that note, the Brewers are 3-3 at the end of our “rebuilding” year’s first week.  We took 2 from Houston, and one from those pesky Giants.  Let’s see how we do this next week against the Cards and the Pirates on their roadtrip!

Remember, Dan Plesac Bobble-head 2017!  #PlesacBobble2017


A Look Back on Superfan Opening Days

Every now and then, we reminisce about years gone by.  Once we see what actually happened, more often than not we ask ourselves “What the #*$@ were we thinking?!”

And here’s a few of those moments on this, the eve of Opening Day!

Bad Parking Job

2007- The first year we documented with digital photos— needless to say, this guy needs to learn to park better.  Of course once you ditch your vehicle, it seems to become the common urinal for men within 100 foot radius.  Go figure.


Schatzy and Loaf

Ahh yes- 2008— I think this picture speaks for itself.  This is Chris Schatz and myself having a grand time.  Gotta love the helmet Chris.

Tyke had to pee

A common theme throughout the years was somehow, Tyke always gets caught on camera taking a piss.  Of course here, he was emptying a water bottle, because we know that pissing in the parking lot is gross.  And illegal.  😉

Group Photo

2010 was a fun one!  Great weather, the giant grill, and a bunch of great people of which most think I am number one!  Thanks friends!  (Not sure what our chef is about to pull out with those tongs)


The main crew- Superfans Pete, Josh, Handy Jay, Wild Bill, and of course Pauly.  Together, we are the liberators and the grand marshals of fun.

Jug of Apple Pie

Oh snap!  A drunken dance while drinking a jug of homemade apple pie and wearing a muppet hat of sorts!

Homeless Shaggy

And of course, 2015- the year of the Homeless Shaggy.  He found the sign, and proceeded to keep hiding it in my truck.  Crazy dude, I’m not homeless!

And with that trip down memory lane, I leave you all in order to get some sleep so I can rush down to meet the Convoy in the morning.  The vehicles are packed, the brats are boiled, and we’re ready to party hard AF because that’s how we do it in Wisconsin!

Good luck this year Brewers!  #BlueCrewThruAndThru #PlesacBobble2017