30 Days of Corey “The Condor” Hart Day 1

Corey “The Condor” Hart- a player that helped define my and many others’ Superfandom in the last few years is going to be enshrined on the Wall of Honor at Miller Park on June 30th- In honor of that, I will be posting every day in June one memory of our time with our favorite player.  Today’s memory is from Superfan Handy Jay and Superfan Pauly- while rocking out the Condor T-shirts down in Spring Training back in 2010, Corey took the time to come say hello, sign a few autographs, and take a great pic!


Come June 30th, we will be at the park rocking these awesome shirts in support of the man, the myth, the legend- The Condor!  Corey, should you ever read this, thank you a million times over for being our guy.

The title of this picture: “Condor Springtime Appreciation”


AZ or Bust!

brewers-spring-trainingHere it is, the night before the Superfans invade Phoenix!  This year involves a full ten days of fun in the sun with Superfan Handy Jay, Superfan Wild Bill and myself staying at Del Boca Vista –  Special shoutout to Superfan Dynex Dan and Superfan Wayne (The AZ  Connection) for accommodating us this year!

I did hear through the grapevine that Dan “Sacman” Plesac will be in Brewers camp on March 4th hosting the popular MLB Network show “30/30” – Hopefully the powers that be will realize how genuinely handsome this former Brewers 3x All-star and record holder is and will consider giving him his very own bobblehead next year!  #PlesacBobble2017 –  RT if you agree!  (see previous post as to Sacman’s laundry list of qualifications for deserving such an act of enshrinement)

Baseball is key to the trip, but we also plan on hitting up an NHL game (closest city to us with a team is Chicago, and you know how I feel about that place!), possibly a trip to the streets of Tombstone, or even a run out to Winslow, Arizona just to stand on the corner!  Gotta love Route 66!!!   In addition to all of that, we hope to visit a lot of good eateries (some re-visited, some for the very first time) and have some of the unique cuisine only found in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area… oh, and Chipotle too!

I will try to take a lot of pics this trip to illustrate our adventure the next few days!

Oh, and shoutout to Earthquake- just because he never says he gets mentioned.  We heart you Michael “Earthquake” Wenzel!