#1 In Your Programs, #1 In Your Hearts!

Brewers On Deck is the beginning of the Superfan Baseball Season every year.  This means yes, we are all about the Brewers beginning at the end of January every year!  

Many years, we have run into Corey Hart at the various venues that On-Deck is held at, and almost every year he has been more than happy to take a group pic with us.  This year in particular, his security escort blocked us and told us no pictures, but Corey stopped them and informed them that we were his guys and he definitely has time for us to chat and get a pic!


Like I stated in the title, he’s #1 in our hearts- Corey Hart!


30 Days of Condor Continues!

We’re just getting started folks- Today, one of the best road trip memories I have:

 Cincinnati 2010!

Superfan Handy Jay and I drove out for the last Brewers series of 2010- about 7 and half hours, across Illinois, Indiana and Ohio- just to see our guys.  We stayed in the Westin, where the players stayed, and we were hanging out with them every night, and having breakfast with them in the morning.  Of course there’s a time and a place for everything, so we don’t have a ton of pictures, but by the last day the guys were more than willing to pose for a few.  This is one of the Condor and us!


Corey has always taken time to say hi to us.  Oh, and I’m rocking the Jackie Robinson Day game-worn Brad Nelson jersey- because it’s awesome!

30 Days of Condor- Make Up Post 1

Back in the day before everyone was so “safety conscious”, the best seats in Miller Park would be section 115, row 1.  The reason, no net in front of you, and you’re between the on-deck circle and the Brewers dugout- This picture is a result of those awesome seats!

Condor hits a homerun!

One of my favorite pics of the Condor jacking a home run over the fences!  Sure do miss those home runs Corey!

Share if you miss those home runs too!

30 Days of Corey “The Condor” Hart Day 2

Today I’m playing catch up- this is dedicated to June 2, day 2 of the 30 days-

Every so often, I venture down to Wrigley for a Cubs/Brewers game- this means driving to Skokie, taking the Yellow Line to the Red Line, texting my buddy Travis to meet up because he works for the Cubs organization, and having one (sometimes more) of those awesome Chicago Style hotdogs.

Before the Cubs were World Champs, tickets weren’t priced all that high.  Investing in a great experience was easy to justify.  This picture is when we had 2 seats second row between home plate and the visiting team’s dugout.


I was rocking the Todd Coffey jersey, and the Condor was on-deck waiting for a conference on the mound.  I couldn’t resist getting this pic!  Wrigley for me always had that nostalgia of knowing the greatest players of the game stepped foot on that field… which also now includes the guy who we supported from his first MLB at-bat, who tossed us practice balls to the club level deck, who always was on point with how many outs…

Corey “The Condor” Hart

30 Days of Corey “The Condor” Hart Day 1

Corey “The Condor” Hart- a player that helped define my and many others’ Superfandom in the last few years is going to be enshrined on the Wall of Honor at Miller Park on June 30th- In honor of that, I will be posting every day in June one memory of our time with our favorite player.  Today’s memory is from Superfan Handy Jay and Superfan Pauly- while rocking out the Condor T-shirts down in Spring Training back in 2010, Corey took the time to come say hello, sign a few autographs, and take a great pic!


Come June 30th, we will be at the park rocking these awesome shirts in support of the man, the myth, the legend- The Condor!  Corey, should you ever read this, thank you a million times over for being our guy.

The title of this picture: “Condor Springtime Appreciation”

Signature Series – Jonathan Lucroy

Some of the cooler Lucroy autographs I’ve procured over the years!

Some of you may be aware of one of the Superfans’ favorite hobbies- graphing.  This is the shortened term for “autographing”, or in other words, we collect autographs.  Over the past 10 years, I’ve amassed a fairly large collection (along with Superfan Handy Jay and Superfan Shaggy) of autographs of which I have a room dedicated to them.  Today’s Signature Series Featured Athlete- Jonathan Lucroy!IMG_8382

This first picture is a sign from 2010 that I created while working a short stint at OfficeMax in Grafton.  We used this as a “training tool” to show how to use the spool printer and the laminator.  Now, I’m not saying I came up with the whole Star Wars/Lucroy connection and started whole thing, but this sign, along with the next unique piece of autographed memorabilia surely were some of the first pieces.

IMG_8383We took the Lucroy sign to various games, and we told him if he signs it, we will retire it.  Well, he did… and I did.

This next piece came from working at Best Buy with Superfan Handy Jay- it was part of a promotional display.  Lucroy signed it, “To SuperfanPete- I am your father!”  It’s hanging on my wall in the autograph room as well.

I do have a couple of baseballs, and a big metal sign with Lucroy signatures too, but one that I’d love to get would be his first hit.  I was sitting behind the Twins dugout with my buddy Grant and Superfan Dynex Dan back in 2010- 2nd row!  Of course I had my camera along, and yes, I got a pic of Lucroy’s first ever major league hit.

One of these days, hopefully I will get to cross paths with Luc, and get him on a 2014 All-Star ball, take a pic with him and shake his hand.  He was always a Superfan favorite, always had time to say hello, and signed some stuff when he could.  This last photo I found in some of the archived galleries- Lucroy was playing 1st, and the girl got to go out and stand by him for the national anthem.  This photo here, this sums it all up.

SAMSUNG CSCI doubt you’ll see this article, but Luc, I wanted to say thank you for all the great years in a Brewers uniform, and we appreciate your hustle and hard work on and off the field.

May the force be with you!


Pitchers: He’ll Make You Thamous!

His name is Eric Thames, and his bat is hot!  In the last two days, we’ve seen the Brewers slugger hit 3 home runs, which gives him a commanding lead in the Home Run count at 11 so far for this season.  Also to note, MLB has “randomly” drug-tested Thames 3 times since Spring Training, and two of those times in the past week.  However, Thames is in good spirits about it, stating “I have a lot of blood and urine” in a recent interview.


From this Superfan’s viewpoint, if he’s willing, test him every game if it’ll appease the haters and doubters- I believe he’s clean, and as my friend Dynex Dan puts it, he’s a “professional hitter” all the way!

I don’t know how long your hitting streak will last Mr. Thames, but I do want to thank you for putting on a show each and every game that you step out on that field.  Keep hitting the ball hard, and rally the team behind you.  I say it every year, and this one is no different—-

This could be our year!

(yeah, I said it)


And now for a throwback pic- Handy Jay and Silvester creeping in the pic at the top of the big screen.  Ohhhhhh you guuuyyyyssss….